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Meet your photography tutors..........

Director Of Education: Mark Cargill


Age: 51


Experience: 13 years as a specialist photography tutor. Experienced commercial, portrait, wedding and landscape photographer. In July 2014 Mark was appointed as an Olympus UK Mentor (one of only 4 in the UK) for Landscape Photography. More details here


Past Clients: (Training) Noteably, Jonathan Chritchley of Ocean Capture. In 2013 he was the most published photographer in the UK. Before starting his own photography training workshops, Jonathan attended one of Mark's Capture to Print Courses. Debbie Allen, assistant editor of Amateur Photographer Magazine. Harjit Sohoty of Olympus UK. Commercial clients - NHS 24, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Baxter Fine Foods, The Old Course Hotel, Skibo Castle, The Balmoral Hotel and many many more.


Publications: Mark has had numerous articles and reviews published in various photography magazines since 2003, including Digital Photographer Magazine, where he was on the judging panel for their annual photography awards. In Jan 2014, Olympus Magazine featured one of Marks images on the front cover and he had an article published on long exposure in the same issue. Numerous articles published in the Scottish Wedding Directory and his commercial images have appeared in publications worldwide. In July 2014, Digital Photographer Magazine Commissioned Mark for an article on top 10 tips for composition.



Biography: I think I have been passionate about photography as long as I remember. I was 6 years old, my uncle showing me his new camera. It was a Nikon and clearly it was his pride and joy. The moment he opened the flight case and the light caught the lens and the top mirror housing, I was smitten!


He showed me how to take a photograph and I think at that moment, something connected in me. My parents were then bombarded with the usual pleadings that only a 6 year old can subject them to and eventually they buckled and bought me a camera for my Christmas that year. On reflection, their choice of a Zenit B (Russian made and heavier than a sputnik satellite!) was probably an attempt to put me off as I could hardly lift it. However I spent every available moment taking photographs and then waiting impatiently till they were developed.


Its interesting looking back now and remembering the emotional process that only something as creative as photography gave me. Nothing before or since has made such a hard wired emotional connection with me and it is my life passion.

Creative Director: Connie Cargill


Age: 41


Past Clients: Connie has worked on numerous creative projects including two noteably highly creative productions. One for a German loudspeaker manufacturer. The entire creative side was her brainchild. Equally noteable was a project for another German company involved in high end HiFi Electronics. The finished articles were indeed something to be proud of with stunning visuals, creative composition and clever story lines.


Publications: Connie has always been modest about her achievements and abilities, in April 2014, Connie had a technical article published in Olympus Magazine covering advanced capture techniques.


Biography: Born in Crail in the East Neuk, Connie has a very strong background in the creative arts.


Showing a distinct talent for art and design, Connie has one of the most natural talents for composition - she will be on hand to provide feedback on your composition when work is submitted for assesment.


Connie says about herself - In terms of photography, I am what you would consider to be instinctive when it comes to image capture and my natural passion for knowing what looks right is a bonus.


Connie also has a passion for art citing Jack Vettriano as an inspiration for her people photography and fine art images. 'It's the capturing of a moments energy, the split second when everything comes together. Its the charge of electricity between two people that makes those images captivating'











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