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All 18 modules detailed in our prospectus below:


Our online photography courses are the best in the UK. Each of the basic 18-modules detailed below. Please note that courses with personalised modules are set for the individual and no two personalised modules will be the same. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our courses.

Online Photography Courses
Module 1:
Introduction to Digital Photography
  • How to choose a camera that is perfect for you

  • What lens(es) you should buy and why.

  • A prime lens v's standard zoom

  • Fast aperture lenses

  • Top accessories and knowing which is right for you

  • Your must have accessories

  • Online Exam

Online Photography Courses
Module 3:
Understanding Aperture
  • What is an aperture and what does it do?

  • How aperture affects exposure

  • Understanding depth of field

  • Using Aperture Creatively

  • Shooting confidently in Aperture Priority

  • Aperture and Difraction

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Online Photography Courses
Module 5:
Exposure Made Easy
  • Exposure explained - nothing to fear!

  • Understanding the exposure triangle

  • What is a histogram and how to understand it

  • Choosing the right metering mode on your camera

  • How and when to use exposure compensation

  • What is exposure bracketing and when to use it

  • HDR image capture.

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Module 7:
Understanding White Balance
  • What is white balance?

  • How to avoid issues with white balance - get it right!

  • How to easily correct white balance

  • White balance as a creative tool

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Connie Cargill
Module 9:
Types Of Photography
  • What are the different types of photography?

  • Extensive list of photography categories

  • Find out what type of photography will suit you best

  • Why photography is important

  • Be inspired by the world greats - 10 Photographers you should know

  • Practical assignment

Online Photography Courses
Module 11:
Advanced Capture Techniques
  • An introduction to advanced capture

  • How to shoot Bokeh Panorama

  • How to shoot long exposure in daylight!

  • Additional equipment and techniques

  • Shooting manually

  • Online exam

  • Practical assignment

  • *not included in the 14 module course

Module 13:
Colour Management and Printing
  • Understanding colour space

  • Creating a colour workflow - we make it easy!

  • sRGB v Adobe RGB, understanding the relevant differences

  • Printing from Lightroom (HD Video)

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment 

  • *not included in the 14 module course

Module 15:
Photography and Mobile Phones
  • From brick to hi-tech companion

  • Why mobile phones make great photographic tools

  • The top photography apps and how to use them (Android and iOS)

  • Mobile phones v's digital cameras - how close are they?

  • Top tips to give you stunning mobile images every time

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Module 17:
Final assessment and personalised assignment application.
  • Submit images taken from all practical assignments

  • Feedback on images submitted

  • You will receive notification if you have passed

  • Images that do not meet the required standard will be identified and an explanation will be given

  • You will have an opportunity to re-submit images that require improvement

  • Passing this allows you to receive you personalised assignment in module 18*. (*Excludes 17 module LE course)

Online Photography Courses
Module 2: Understanding Digital Photography
  • Your camera and its sensor

  • Understanding Megapixels

  • Bit Depth - what does it mean?

  • ISO - a complete guide

  • How to get the best image quality every time.

  • Digital Editing and Software

  • Online Exam

  • Practical assignment

Online Photography Courses
Module 4:
Shutterspeed Explained
  • What is a shutter and what does it do?

  • How the shutter affects exposure

  • How to eliminate camera shake

  • Using the cameras shutter speed as a creative tool

  • Shooting Confidently in Shutter Priority

  • Online Camera simulator - this is amazing!

  • Online Exam

  • Practical assignment


Online Photography Courses
Module 6:
Composition - Get it Right Every Time
  • What is composition?

  • The Importance of being inspired

  • The Rules: 10 rules of composition to get it right every time you shoot.

  • How to plan your compositions

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Online Photography Courses
Module 8:
Adobe Lightroom - Basic Processing
  • HD Interactive Lightroom Training Video

  • You will download a RAW file, import into Lightroom and process along with your tutor

  • Importing images into the Lightroom Library

  • Lightroom image processing techniques

  • Using the Post Processing histogram

  • How to export images for sharing

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Online Photography Courses
Module 10:
Shooting RAW
  • What is a RAW file?

  • Remembering the good old days of film - how RAW compares

  • Digital sensors and RAW files

  • Why RAW is good

  • The Pros and Cons of shooting RAW

  • Why exposure is critical when shooting RAW

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

Module 12:
Using Filters
  • How to use filters to create images with impact

  • When and How to Use Polarising filters

  • Understanding UV filters

  • Using ND filters

  • How to use ND Grad Filters

  • Online Exam

  • Practical assignment

Module 14:
Advanced Lightroom Training
  • File to Download and Process along with interactive HD video

  • Advanced Lightroom Adjustment Tools

  • Using the Spot Removal Tool

  • Graduated Filter Tool

  • Radial Filter Tool

  • Adjustment Brush Tool

  • Black and White Conversions

  • Split Toning

  • Online Exam

  • Practical Assignment

  • *Not included in the 14 module course

Module 16:
How to Make Money From Photography
  • How to generate a revenue stream

  • How to make money when you want and at your own pace

  • Building a website

  • How to price your work

  • Practical Assignment

Module 18:
Your personalised assignment with in depth and detailed feedback
  • We will set you a photographic assignment that will be personalised to you.

  • You will carry out your assignment

  • You assignment submission will receive in depth and detailed feedback 

  • The personalised assignment is not included with the 14 and 17 module LE course.

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