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For any questions about our online photograhy courses, please complete and submit the form below. One of our tutors will reply as soon as possible. Alternatively, please check out our FAQ's listed below.


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Is there a time limit to my distance learning course?

The Course is designed to be self-paced. Whilst it is recommended that students visit their course material on a regular basis, you actually have no time limit to complete the program.


Do I need to own a DSLR to enrol?

There is no requirement to own or buy a DSLR. Whilst we would recomend owning or buying a detachable lens system camera (e.g. Compact system camera from companies like Olympus), you can get as much from the learning process using a fixed lens bridge camera.


Do I need to attend a class? 


As you will see, we offer both distance learning and studio based diplomas. With distance learning there is no requirement to attend a classroom. You assignments will have you using your local knowledge or working locally. The studio based classes take place at our creative units in the Murray Studios, Anstruther. Details of each course is stated on the course page.


What software do I need?

Our learning modules use Adobe Lightroom. We have chosen this editing software for many reasons and it is frankly one of the best of its type. When you enrol on one of our courses, you are eligible for the Adobe Student discount program (UK Only). This means you can purchase this software at a very advantageous price.


Do I get feedback on all completed modules?

It is surprising how many training courses do not give feedback on all completed personalised modules and often refer to then as 'training modules'. At The Image Academy, we assess and provide feedback on every completed practical and personalised assignments. (see our course guide for more information). This is an essential part of the learning process. Without feedback, participation on any course is pretty much pointless.



I have seen an online course for £49 why should I pay more for your courses?

It is a really good question and one we get asked often. We have investigated every distance learning package currently available. Even those allegedly reduced from £499 to £49. All we will say is that if you are really serious about improving your photography where you have direct access to a true professional who can guide you, provide feedback and set training modules that are designed exclusively for you and no one else, then you are in the right place.


I am an International student, can I enrol for a course?

That is also a very good question. The simple answer is yes as regardless of where you are based in the world, you will be able to take advantage of our fantastic online photography courses. We currently have a number of international students taking part, so why not join our ever expanding base of passionate and inspired international photographers?

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