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Special Offer Take an EXTRA £220 off!

17-modules (45 units) from only £24.99

18-Modules (47 units) £29.99

20-Modules (51 units) £39.99

25-Modules (59 Units) £79.99 Premium Level Bronze

USE CODE: HC220 (Please write this down or bookmark the page)


We have listed below information about our offer, the cost, how to claim and perhaps most importantly, what's included in the course. If you have any questions about any aspect of the offer or the course, please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or telephone. You can visit our contact page HERE

Information Video


We have created a short information video to give you a taster of the offer and a few snapshots from the course. As you scroll further down the page you should be able to find all the answers to any questions you may have, however we want to make sure that you get all the information you require, so please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know about. Our full contact details are here


*Please note the 17-module course excludes the personalised assignment.

Total cost £24.99 to £39.99 - Price too good to be True?


One of the most commonly asked questions is - are there any additional costs or recurring charges?  We probably get asked this more than any other and a lot of people will naturally think this offer is indeed too good to be true because of the very attractive pricing. As you will also see we have numerous independent reviews on Trust Pilot from photographers who have taken our course and no vested interest other than sharing their experiences with others. You can jump straight to our Trust Pilot reviews here.


For exactly £24.99 (17 Modules) £29.99 (18 modules) and £39.99 (20 Modules) you will receive the full course including assessment/feedback on 12 of your 13 practical assignments. There are no additional costs or recurring charges. You pay once and that is it. :)  The 18-Module course also includes a fully bespoke personalised assignment with in depth and detailed feedback.The 20-Module course includes THREE bespoke and personalised assignments with in depth and detailed feedback.


We have included some really worthwhile upgrade options, so take your time to consider these as they can really enhance the overall learning experience.

Independent Online Reviews


We are very passionate and committed to producing the best value for money photography course currently available anywhere and also at delivering an exceptional standard of customer service and satisfaction. As a family business, we take our reputation very seriously and the opinions and views of our customers are what matters most.


We welcome all feedback and are constantly looking at ways to improve every aspect of what we offer. If you would like to take a minute and read what others have written about us on the review website Trustpilot, you can do so by either clicking on the image (left) or clicking here


One of the reasons we chose Trustpilot to host our reviews is because their integrity and validation process of each review is the highest in the review industry. Each and every review is verified by them as a genuine customer who has bought and paid for one of our photography courses.

What is included?


Firstly this is an online photography course. There is no requirement to attend a class anywhere. All your course exams are done online and your assignment feedback is done via e-mail submissions. Uniquely at this price, this course includes tutor grading and assessment of all practical assignments and online exams. We are the only Photography Online learning provider to offer this for £19.99. We have a complete guide to each module here, or you can click on the image (left) too.


*Please note the 17-module course does not include a personalised assignment as standard.

Guide to our state of the art learning hub.


We have created a video guide to our state of the art learning hub. You will gain access the the newest and most interactive of ANY photography course.


Watch the video to gain an insight into why an Image Academy Photography course should be your first choice for any photographer who wants to learn photography the best way possible.

What Camera do I need?


In general there are a number of camera types that will be perfect for taking this online photography course. These include but are not limited to:


  1. Any digital SLR camera regardless of age will make a good choice as they offer full manual and semi automatic shooting options.

  2. A compact system or CSC camera from companies like Olympus. These are interchangeable lens systems cameras and are normally physically than their DSLR counterparts

  3. A bridge camera - there are a number of excellent bridge cameras available from brands like Sony, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and so on. Almost all will allow full manual shooting and many will also allow the shooting of RAW files too. (desirable, but not essential).

  4. A compact camera that will allow full manual operation.


There are no other photographic equipment requirements in order to take this photography course, other than your own vision and creativity.



Is there a time limit on starting or finishing the course?


We recognise that most people have varying demands on their time and generally speaking, something like a photography course will need to be worked around other things. With that in mind we do not put you under any time pressure to either start or complete your photography course. 


Time pressure is counterproductive to creativity which is a major aspect of photography. There is no time limit on course completion and you can work completely at your own pace. :)

How to Claim this very special offer.


1) To claim the special offer, first of all make a note of the following coupon code:




2) Then go to the product page on our website here: You can also click on the courses tab in the menu at the top of this page and then choose your course from there.


3) Once you ahve chosen your course, you will  see that there are various options on the right hand pane, so have a look at what might interest you, then click add to bag.


4) The click on go to checkout.


5) You will now see a coupon code box - input the code above, i.e. HC220 - this will reduce the price of the course by £220. (remember to click apply, to apply the discount)


Then follow the checkout procedure to payment page. :)

The perfect gift.


Whilst you may be browsing this course for yourself, you may also want to consider tone of our courses as a very personal and unique gift.


There are no limitations on the number of courses you can purchase at the special offer price. You will need to complete individual checkouts for each course you buy as the voucher code will only work on one course at a time.


There is an option in the right hand option pane of the course prior to checkout that allows you to choose this as a gift voucher. We will contact you after your purchase to get the details of the gift recipient and then e-mail the voucher to you with 24 hours of purchase. 

A little more about us (video above) and a personal message too. :)
We have over the period of running this offer, been asked similar questions about why it is so cheap, why there are no negative comments about the course and how we can offer it for such a low price, especially when you consider what is included.
Many have said that it appears to be too good to be true and naturally people are suspicious when something appears to be that way. 
A few months ago when my wife Connie and I were discussing this promotion and just how affordable we could make it, we came to the conclusion that at times there can be a great deal of snobbery in this hobby, both in terms of what images are considered to be good and also in the equipment people use. Photography is not just about the equipment, it is about you and your personal vision of what makes you happy and also what inspires you to get out with your camera. We also realised that for many, the price of learning the art of photography properly, in a structured and formalised way (with tutor support and feedback) was simply unaffordable and as such beyond the reach of many potentially great and aspiring photographers. We took the decision to offer this course at a price we felt was within the reach of most people and also we, as a passionate and dedicated family business, aimed to provide the best service possible without cutting any corners and really give photographers a customer experience that is truly remarkable and at an equally remarkable price.
I sincerely hope we have managed to do that and certainly based on the many kind words written by people with no vested interest other than simply sharing their experiences with other photographers (Trust Pilot reviews), it would appear that we are doing an ok job so far.
Anybody who realises just how many hours we put into our courses and the passionate and enthusiastic way we care about the learning process will come to realise that this is without doubt an offer that comes from our own love of photography and the many great things it has to offer.
We are dedicated to giving you the BEST experience we can and will always go out of our way to look after you through every step of your course. We always welcome your feedback and your opinions really matter to us, so please feel free to drop us an e-mail at:
We do pride ourselves on our customer service record and will continue to improve our courses and the learning experience as a whole. We are also committed to providing every existing student with any new course enhancement completely FREE of charge. When you watch the video above, you will see a very good example of this. Our course used to be a 16-module course and we have expanded it into an 18-module course. Everyone who previously bought a course received this upgrade free of charge. We are the only UK learning provider that provides this without asking existing students for additional course fees - we wil never change that policy and we are very appreciative of anyone who has chosen us for their photography course.
It is always a privelage to work with passionate photographers and maybe we will work with you one day too! :)
Mark & Connie Cargill :) 
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