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It is all in the submissions

We are often asked by students what we are looking for in their module 17 image submissions. What is perceived as a good standard and also how to we 'grade' the images to arrive at our percentage score for all 12 submitted images?

Firstly the practical assignment brief outlines in detail the technical requirements for the photograph along with guidance on the creative aspect too. The practical assignment will always have a direct relationship with the photographic technique taught in the learning module.

Ultimately the creative guidance may be open to the interpretation of each student and I think this is where our course allows each student the ability to express and demonstrate their own vision and inspiration to their course tutor.

What is always interesting is the variance of subject matter and this is always part of the service and support we provide that excites me - being privy to the creative vision of each individual photographer and I often have my breath taken away with the exceptional standard that is demonstrated by our students.

In creative terms, there really is no right or indeed wrong! However there are certain rules and whilst they can be broken to great effect, each image must have a certain balance and deliver technically too.

As a guide here is what we look for:

  • The technical brief has been met fully

  • The image shows balance in compositional terms

  • Careful thought and planning can be demonstrated

  • Appropriate use of ISO, shutter speed and aperture

As always, as one of our students, you can simply e-mail us for guidance:

We are always willing to help and we really want you to get the very best from taking one of our Online Digital Photography Courses.

The best advice I can give is to - take your time! Rushed assignments are really obvious and photography is never a race.


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